Back Shocker

Products Application

Tool Box

We offer tool box that contains all the tools needed for emergency use when the vehicle a snag at time of travel and when the mechanic is not available with immediate effect. The Tool Box helps to check the basic fault and by opening the part of the car.

Bus Luggage Compartment

Bus offers the opportunity for the travelers to carry along with them their belongings Bus luggage Compartment are generally located at the rear of the bus thus it make it easy to put the luggage with ease as one need not to carry the luggage to the roof top which is cumbersome job. We provide dicky shocker for bus luggage compartment.

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Bed with Bracket

Bed is no more used as bed only designed in manner that gives ample space for storing bedding material inside the box of the bed. We offer premium quality Shockers for the Bed that enables the smooth opening and closing of bed for keeping article inside the box of a bed.

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Car Hatch Back

We are specialized in offering dicky shocker, Back door open gas spring for car hatch back. We use best quality material to produce car hatch back shockers that help smooth opening of back of the car.

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