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We manufacture and offer wide range of Dicky Shockers, Cabinet Shocker for different types of vehicles & Furnitures. We make tailor made Cabinet Shocker, dicky shockers as per the requirements of different cars and further more these products also differ according to the models of the cars of the same make. We have been catering to the needs of different car models brief of which is given below:

Dicky Shocker for All Types of Vehicle

Suitable for Santro-Xing

Our Dicky Shocker has special features and is selling like hot cakes we have gone into the details of its dicky and have come out with specialized dicky shocker suitable for aforementioned model.

Suitable for Santro

We at Omtech Auto are manufacturing dicky shocker that is suitable for this type of model.

Suitable for Accent Viva

We are the manufacturer of world-class dicky shocker for a world class car.

Suitable for I-20

We have been meeting the demands of after-sales service provider by offering dicky shockers for such cars at very reasonable prices.

Suitable for Indica-Vista

We manufacture dicky shockers after going into the details of the needs of a particular model. We have been catering to the needs of after markets and have been providing products at very reasonable prices and within the shortest possible time.

Suitable for Indica

We are specialized in manufacturing dicky shockers for highly affordable cars.

Suitable for Indica V-2

We have been catering to the needs of after sales market of this type of cars and our highly reliable and durable dicky shockers meet the high expectations of the valued customers.

Suitable for Bonnet Safari

We also make dicky shockers that are suitable for Bonnet Safari and we use very good quality primary products to produce dicky shocker and have been catering to the needs of after sales markets across the country.